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 "The Water Sprog"


 After many months of persuasion, Peter H., David B. and Phil B from the  Phoenix club persuaded / cajoled me to go to Longham to "see what it was all about".

Even though I have been flying fixed wing for over forty years, this was going to be a whole new adventure. (I live between Wareham and Wool,  and if I don't time the traffic right, it could take an age to get to  Longham).

From the moment we got to the lake, and having watched Phils silky smooth take off and landing. I was well and truly hooked.

What a peaceful and atmospheric venue, and the CDMFC have done a great job in securing such a brilliant flying site.

I learnt an awful lot in a very short space of time from the three stooges!.

On return home, I spent hours trawling the net for a suitable beginner's model (plane that is).

I settled on the 52" span Tundra v2 from Hobbyking (and yes it was in stock!).

Two hours work, and a few minor mods and I was ready for my first float plane take off.......and hopefully a decent landing.

 I was last to fly "on the day", and have to admit to a few nerves after being egged on by my fellow water babies.

 Battery fully charged, pre-flight safety checks done, no ducks about and all excuses used up...................half flaps, slowly advance  throttle.....and in about ten feet it was in the  air...........fantastic!

 After carefully trimming and getting used to the model..............it was time for my first landing on water (Gulp).

 Nice big circuit approach into the light breeze........half  flap......touch of throttle...hold...... hold.....hold.... and gently  settle the model down with no bounce.

 Fantastic again!.

 Having had quite a few flying sessions since (usually very early due to  potential traffic issues at Sandford), I absolutely love it. Great site  and very "different" peaceful flying, compared to the very busy flight  line at the PMFC.

 Of course there are two sides to the coin, my bubble was burst when I  suffered a mid-air (only two models in the air as always), and a bit of  wading was on the cards.............but that's a story for another day.

 All in all, a big thanks to CDMFC, my pals from the PMFC, and the ducks for keeping out of my way

Simon (The water Sprog).

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