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Chairman’s chatter by Terry Antell

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The Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd September, starting at 7pm (19.00 hours GMT) Zoom works quite well when you get used to a virtual meeting format. This really does take some getting used to. For me it will never truly replace a face to face friendly meeting of any sort. You may remember when model flying simulators first came out, so we could now all stay at home and fly various models that repaired themselves in seconds. Although very useful people soon got bored with them. Currently, needs must for us all to keep in touch.

As we drift into Autumn it’s time for our annual Construction & Finish Competition. This year it will be held at Strawberry Field on Thursday 10th September. Please assemble at the field at 10am with models for Peter Chaldecott to do the judging, and for the people’s choice, starting at 1045. No flying from 10am until the judging has been done and presentations made.

Should the weather be a little unkind we’ll hold it in the barn, that’s the big barn, not the one near the road. If it really is a bad day with strong winds & heavy rain then I will email the night before and postpone.

Mike Roach has really been busy maintaining our website & particularly producing “Sloping Off” during lockdown. Members have responded, too, sending articles & photos to him. Please maintain your input as without you we’d only have blank pages.

Club Google group. May I request users to think before writing on the group site. PLEASE continue, but when starting a new thread START a new thread, not click on an existing one and write off subject.

Also, when signing off, putting your name would be nice and polite. So many times it’s impossible to know who is asking a question, etc.

(Interesting that about 80% of members are Google Group members, so the reach is pretty good - Ed)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom for the September Club Meeting.

Happy landings, Terry

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