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Due to oversleeping I missed the Early Birds....I  gather that Adrian was very early followed by Peter,Simon and Phil..then me !

It takes a while to assemble the Balsa  Cloud aka Custom Privateer  by Don Mc Govern of USA (Model #38 on the Longham thread front page - Ed)...It’s an unattractive design with a very long nose...should be called  Pinocchio....I bought it from a 90 yr old in Torquay who built it in the ? 1950 s and powered it with an Anderson Spitfire Petrol Engine ,,,it  has detachable wheels and he had only flown it off the ground .I have  the plan and built the wing tip floats while on holiday in the south of  France.(Did he have to say that? Ed). It’s covered in nylon with dope that has cracked and allows  dampness in ...needs repainting really.

Don McGovern does some nice designs ...Navigator ...and others...there is a lot of building in them though

Best wishes David B

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