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Since I bought my Mystique I’ve had a few  adventures!

None more satisfying than finding my lost plane at 7:30 am  the following hot June morning after a faulty electric switch in the  plane caused it to circle down into thick rough next to the Picnic Site  at Creech in the Purbecks the previous afternoon .

Initial attempts to  find that afternoon were impossible as the area described as a Glider’s Graveyard composed of 4 foot brambles and nettles,  ferns and shrubs  which were a force to be reckoned with!

Armed and clad in thick sailing sowesters and boots and gloves at 6:30 the following morning I waded  into the abyss with some trepidation but some hope as I consider myself a great finder of lost things!!

The early heat of the morning and the  protective clothing started to take its sweaty toll after an hour’s hot searching, as I was covering an area of about 50 square meters of  impossible thick terrain on a slanting downwards area. After a while I realised I was backtracking my course as there were few alternatives to my progressive route through the undergrowth.

I decided to widen my  search area and coming out onto the path again I surveyed the area in  the morning sunlight and to my excitement saw the yellow tail plane just poking out from the deep ferns about 20 meters into the far rough.

It  took me nearly 20 minutes to forge my way through to retrieve it and was astonished to pick it out unscathed from at least 1. 5 meters of  brambles!!

No doubt I have a great survivor to fly in the future !

Peter Woollard

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