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Ibberton Hill slope flying site (public site)


Ibberton Hill used to be used for  flying westerly winds by CDMFC members but it gradually became overgrown with scrub obstructing the launching / landing out zones. It would  appear that it has all been cut back now as it's just covered in tall  grasses & could easily be used to fly & land there now. There's  parking for 6+ cars on the right field (viewed from the road below). The left field is just tall grass & is closed off from parking with low wooden posts across where you used to enter the parking off the track. (this was written in July 2021, but things have changed!)

Update 28 August by David Bicker

Ibberton is now very overgrown and not a practical flying site

Local details including map on the Ordnace Survey “Get Outside” page, here

Ibberton Hill north landing area

North landing area

Ibberton Hill slopeside view

Slopeside view

Ibberton Hill South landing area & parking above

South landing area and parking above




Map reference ST 791 070

Wind direction West to NorthWest

Ample grass covered car parking area.

Very restricted landing space.The landing area is very narrow with trees behind and at both ends so a conventional landing approach is not an option.

If there is a 20 mph forecast the actual wind speed could be much higher at the top of the Ibberton hill.

However perhaps more relevant, the car parking and landing area can be very wet and slippery.

After rain it will be a quagmire and the risk of getting the car stuck in the mud is very significant. OK perhaps if your are there as a group and can push each other out, but not very good if you are there on your own.

To get into the car park you also have to negotiate a very narrow entrance with steel posts positioned to keep Transit vans and travellers out of the site.

Ibberton is OK with light or moderate winds in the Summer but with strong winds and Winter conditions it is really can be very difficult to fly there.