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Chairman’s chatter by Terry Antell

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Terry Antell

Hello Happy Members,

What an unexpected Summer! Early months with warm and dry weather followed by wet and windy weeks (not days).

The club is maintaining a healthy stance in membership & finances.

This year I’ve not been asked to test anyone for a BMFA “A” cert!! Perhaps we are all getting better at flying without taking a test. As a club we don’t insist members take a test but fly safely taking in consideration of others (in the air or on the ground).

If you are a new member & decide to fly at Strawberry Field PLEASE read the “Rules of Flying at SF” which is in the white box where you pay and sign in.

I say read them as just asking another member may compound a problem. By this I mean someone else may have also heard from a member and it becomes “Chinese Whispers”. 

Flying Off water has continued to maintain interest with many of our members on the private site we use. Well Done to the hardy chaps who regularly advise us all when they are going to Longham to fly.

The Club Fun Comp & BBQ went well, despite the windy weather.

I wish to thank the committee members for organising the whole event. I sadly have been “otherwise engaged” this year to date.

My one downside is the site we obtained to allow FPV (First Person View) flying has not really be used. Our agreement runs out at the beginning of October. Seven members seemed keen months ago but only one has used the site infrequently.

We may have to let this site go without any positive support.

Because of my involvement with looking after my wife, Jean this year I’ve not had time to arrange the “Rosebowl” electric thermal completion this summer. Hopefully that’ll be next year.

Looking ahead we will be having Indoor Flying starting on September 8th (Friday) at Durslston Court School 8pm till 10pm. Hopefully we’ll be having a new introduction to an older craft of RTP (Round The Pole) flying. The club will supply the equipment & models for this. Only part of an evening will be RTP.

Club meeting evenings at The Walkford look like being catered for with speakers until April 2018.

Happy landings.



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