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by Mike Roach (continued from here, here and here)

Planes 25

Mk IX on the left, Mk XIV on the right

After some surgery to restore the missing dihedral, I took the Mk IX to  Chilliwack in August and instead of launching it myself, took up the  offer of a launch from a spectator. These models need a pretty good  throw and unfortunately all I got was a lob. The motor torque  cartwheeled it into the deck and did the model no good at all.  Fortunately I had illegally packed some UHU Por in my hold baggage and  after an hour or two in Ivan's workshop, she was almost as good as new,  and flew straight off from a proper throw. The sight of the Comox  Spitfire flying over Canadian grassland, with the mountains in the  background, was wonderful.

Three days and about 20 flights later, another kind fella offered to  launch and once again, torque defeated airspeed and more repairs were  needed. This time, all was not terribly well and after two more flights  she piled into the deck and destroyed herself (
see the picture).

I rescued all the hardware and the canopy and over the last few weeks have built a Mk XIV, the first of the production Griffon Spitfires. In  reality, it was built using the Mk VIII as a basis, but with the longer  nose and the bigger fin and rudder, so was an easy conversion from the  Mk IX drawings and I used pretty well the same structure. Sadly, the  production of white Depron seems to have ceased, so I used the new grey  stuff. It's softer and more flexible but weaker and only comes in 3 and 6mm thicknesses. I do miss the 2mm white stuff, it was perfect for wing  and fuselage sheeting.

The Mk XIV had its maiden on a lovely sunny day in November, at the Hurst View field and after sorting the trim and throws, flew well and looked the biz in the air. Many thanks to Alan Butterworth for the flying pictures.

Markings are again by Callie, paint by Dulux.

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