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Once again I made the trip to Canada, this time for the August Fly-In at Chilliwack. The May event has attracted its share of bad weather and although August tends to be windy during the day, the early mornings and late evenings are pretty well guaranteed to be excellent flying weather. The Club’s site is right by a lake, so we get water and land planes flying at the same time, separated by the cars, pits, BBQ and caravan park. Not sure that BMFA would approve, but it works out very well and in all the time I’ve flown there there have been no incidents. As usual, I stayed with Ivan Pettigrew, then off to Vancouver Island for a week with Frank “non flying” Jaerschky.

20190819_092158The familiar Maple Leaf. at Heathrow

20190819_190650The Rockies, 8 hours later but an hour or so earlier than take-off

20190820_074300Ivan’s trailer, with his workshop just beside it. Home for a week!

20190822_090514My hire car, with the Scooper and Spitfire unpacked and RTF

20190822_091844Ivan with one of his smaller bitzas, a Mini Mustang/FW190 cross.

20190823_155560Hal, flying off the lake

20190828_171903Then off to Comox to see Frank and Lee Ann, here in their trailer,

20190829_103820on Air Force beach,

20190830_071826in the Porsche,

20190901_111858in the Jeep,

20190901_114830on the trail,

20190902_164118 and finally, on the way back home.

Thanks to everyone I met in Canada for a great holiday

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