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Present: Jon Goddard, Chairman, Martin Burr, Vice Chairman, Mike Roach, Secretary, Alan Butterworth, Treasurer, Brian Brockway, Membership Secretary and 32 members.

Apologies were received from seven members.

ITEM 1. The Chairman introduced the meeting by thanking all who attended. He paid tribute to his predecessor, Terry Antell, to Guy Montrose and Alex Bush for their discovery of the new flying field, to Martin Delaney for starting a much needed flying instruction series, to Andrew Ford-Hutchinson for starting and running the Google Group and to Doug Bowman for taking over on Andrew’s retirement.

ITEM 2 – MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. The minutes had been published on the Club website for 11 months. They were proposed as being correct by Trevor Hewson, seconded by Nick King and unanimously carried.

ITEM 3 – CHAIRMAN’S AND OFFICERS’ REPORTS. The Chairman summarised 2021. He mentioned lockdown, the very successful Open Day with the competition and the changes brought about by the owners of Strawberry Field increasing the price of flying there from 2/head/day (an annual income of approximately 1000) to a request for 4000 per annum. At the same time, a new field had been found by Guy Montrose at Sopley PYO Farm, owned by Mr Dan Tanner. An acre of his 18 acre “Oldfield” was being developed for us at a rental of 1200 annually and a set-up cost of 524 covering the preparation and grassing of the acre strip. The Club had recently stopped all individual flying costs (previously at SF and the indoor venue). Finally he admitted that he had been unable to secure access to the slope soaring site on MOD land at the Picnic site due to MOD intransigence.

  • TREASURER. The treasurer’s report is attached. He stressed the need to increase annual subscriptions in order to keep pace with the costs incurred with the new flying field.
  • Numbers. Brian Brockway reported that membership stood at 108. This was just 4 down on 2020. Of these around 10% are new members to the Club in 2021 or lapsed members returning. Typically around 15% of our members fail to renew each year due to poor health and other reasons. Bearing in mind the demographic of the Club an 85% renewal rate is about as good as can be expected.
  • Renewal. Members who are currently registered as Christchurch Club members on the BMFA membership portal can, if they wish, renew both the BMFA and Club membership by a single payment to the Club. This can be by cash or cheque but a BACS transfer is the preferred payment method. Members who are not registered on the BMFA membership portal should renew their BMFA membership direct with the BMFA. The option to renew BMFA membership through the Club is not available. The Membership Secretary will verify each individual’s BMFA status before processing their Club membership.
  • FLAT FIELD. The Chairman reviewed the year at SF and Oldfield. Brian Brockway reported a total of 8 members participated in the Friday evening flat-field challenge held at Stanpit recreation ground during the summer months. The stand out performances came from Martin Burr and Ian Wettstein. Both achieved a maximum score for each of the four months of the event. This required a flight time from launch to landing, timed to the nearest second, to exactly match the target set for each month. Starts at 7 minutes in June and finishes at 10 minutes in August.
  • SLOPE FLYING. Brian also reported that there are still small number of regular slope flyers. We have not pursued the option to acquire some form of access to the Picnic site on the Lulworth firing range. For the movement it cannot be used, but things could change over time. We have an alternative Southerly facing slope on the Purbecks, Knowle Hill. Slightly more difficult to get to. Access involves opening a gate and driving a short distance up a track to the top of the hill. It is fairly smooth and OK for a normal road car if you go slowly and carefully. Also on the Purbecks we have a South East facing slope, Stonehill down. Access is also achieved by opening a gate and driving up a track to the top of the hill. For North West and Northerly wind directions we have two slopes available at Win Green. The Win Green car park site is technically inside the Compton Abbas airfield Flight Restriction Zone, FRZ. However the Club has negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding that allows us to fly radio controlled models at the location without any additional restrictions.
  • INDOOR. The Chairman thanked Trevor Hewson for his assistance with re-opening the hall. However, attendance had been very sparse so far
  • LONGHAM. David Bintcliffe described the year at Longham Lakes. Weed had been a problem but a group of members flew regularly. This year there had been 11 “first flights” of new models, giving a total of 138 new models flown off water since the Club started using the site in January 2012.

ITEM 4 – OLDFIELD. The Secretary gave an overview of the arrangements for Oldfield. The strip should be ready for use by early April, depending on the weather over the winter. The first payments had been made as described at Item 3. The rules published in November were on an interim basis and would be revised as experience of the site grew. Members were encouraged to contribute to the review process. The Vice Chairman had contacted Bournemouth ATC and prepared a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between them and us. When this was agreed and published, it would be necessary to contact the ATC on arrival at the site and on departure. It was stressed that this was not to ask for permission to fly, but to inform the ATC that it was taking place.

The staff at the farm were very enthusiastic about us and this brought into focus the question of public access to the site. Members of the public would be keen to see us fly. They were to be encouraged to gain access to us by the public footpath. Club members should then engage them in conversation as this removed them from being “uninvolved” and subject to the 30 metre distance rule.

The Secretary emphasised that until the bedding in process had completed, hard and fast rules over flight line and pits location could not be implemented, and would change depending on the wind direction. In this respect the “no fly zone” to the south would be re-designated “no entry without permission” to allow approaches from that direction when the wind was in the north.

The need to enlarge the strip in the future was discussed. Mr Tanner was in favour.

The question of whether to mow the strip or pay for it to be mowed was raised and would be discussed further in committee.

ITEM 5 – PRESENTATION OF ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. The Treasurer presented the accounts and described the background to the current balance and the need to increase subscriptions. His report is attached at Annex A. The accounts were proposed by Richard Docketty and Seconded by David Bintcliffe and carried unanimously.

ITEM 6 – ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. The Treasurer proposed that the annual subscriptions should be increased to 25 for adults and 10 for juniors. This was proposed by Scott Hughes and seconded by Martin Delaney and carried unanimously.

ITEM 7 – THE COMMITTEE. All committee members were willing to stand for 2022. Richard Docketty volunteered to join the committee. The new committee was proposed by Doug Bowman and seconded by Trevor Hewson and carried unanimously.

ITEM 8 – APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS. The treasurer reported that Roger Dornon and Clive Spencer had agreed to act as auditors for 2022. The meeting approved this.

ITEM 9 – Phil Hubble and Tim Meakin proposed that helicopter flying become part of the flying routine at Oldfield. It had not been accepted at SF by the land owner but Mr Tanner was not concerned. Discussion followed, drawing on members’ experiences. The secretary reminded the meeting that the Club website welcomed “…all types of model, large or small, helicopters or fixed wing…” The discussion was closed by the Chairman who said that the committee would meet in January to decide the matter.

ITEM 10 – FPV FLYING. Tim Meakin outlined the attractions of FPV flying, emphasising that flight patterns were little different from the associated non-FPV models A decision will be made at the committee meeting in January.


Nick King asked the meeting to recognise the achievements of the Chairman and committee over a very difficult time for the Club. There was generous applause.

Scott Hughes volunteered to assist with flying instruction at weekends. Gratefully received.

Jon Goddard, Chairman

Mike Roach, Secretary

2 December 2021








Finacial Statement for the period Nov 2020 - Oct 2021





Opening balance




























Indoor flying






SF Maint












Indoor flying






















Annual Income/Expenditure






Closing balance



















You may recall that last year the club resolved to try and reduce our capital by decreasing the annual subscription to just 5.00. This resulted in a ‘loss’ of 661.34, but still leaving us with a very healthy bank balance of 7810.35. The details are shown above, but please ask if you have any comments or queries.

Our Chairman has described the discussions with the owners of Strawberry Field who want a change from members paying 2 to fly to a flat annual rent of 4,000. The committee felt that this is both exorbitant and unaffordable. Fortunately one of our members has found an alternative site, which offers 365 days of use, for an annual rent of 1,200. This will radically change the club finances. Firstly, we have a number of one-off “start up” costs. For example, we have already paid for the preparation of the flying strip – just over 500 – and we will need a home for the mower, perhaps as much as 2,000. There may be more. That we can afford such costs is the benefit of having a healthy bank balance. Secondly the change from members paying 2 a session to the club paying an annual rent inevitably means an increase of the annual subscription which has been 15.00 for at least the last 10 years.

The Committee are therefore proposing that the annual subscription will be 25.00. We realise that this will not fully cover our annual costs and that subscriptions will almost certainly need adjusting upwards again next year.

The BMFA have advised that their annual subscription will be 40.00 for Seniors and 18.00 for Juniors. I am not aware of any price change for the CAA’s Operating licence.

Payment can be by cheque or, even better, by Bank Transfer (BACS). Cheques should be sent to Brian Brockway (36 Luther Road, Winton, Bournemouth BH9 1LL), and must be made out to either CDMFC or C&DMFC. For BACS payment the bank details are Sort Code 30-92-02 and Account No. 00257688, and please email both Brian ( and myself ( that you have paid.

Whilst I am willing to sort out your BMFA subscription, it is easy to do yourself through the BMFA’s Membership Portal. A difficulty for me is that the Operator’s Licence may not be renewable at the same time as the Club or BMFA. Whilst I can still do it for you on the portal the member has to be responsible for alerting and paying me when it is due.

If your CAA Operator's licence is due before the end of February you can include it with your BMFA subs whether it is via the club or direct.

Finally, I would like to thank the Auditors – Roger Dornom and Clive Spencer – for keeping me on my toes again.

Alan Butterworth, Treasurer